// New Spray Booths

Nadcap Surface CoatingsRSC are pleased to be announcing investment into our paint facility with the modernisation of two spray booths Supplied by DTC (Direct Tool Company).

Currently we have two water back booths which have served us well for over 9 years. And are looking forward to the new install in February 2019.

In 2016 we upgraded a dry back unit to a Dalby gas powered booth which has increased capacity. The two new DTC booths with integrated mixing room will finalise our 2018/2019 site modernisation and re structure.

Booth Advantages

  • 2-Year warranty
  • Fully insulated cabin –maximising economy
  • High power 7.5kw fans –increasing airflow
  • High power airflow = increased productivity
  • Reduced overspray –reducing re-work
  • Faster bake times –maximising throughput
  • Traceable data logging -aerospace compatible

Air supply and extract plant

  • New Design air supply generator/exhaust unit equipped with direct driven high-performance centrifugal fans
  • High efficiency quiet-running motors and fans
  • UNIQUE TWIN FILTER SYSTEM Large pocket pre-filtering protecting the plant –in addition to the booth filters
  • recirculation ventilation system in the drying phase to reduce power consumption
Spray Booth

Booth Controls

  • I-pad type touch screen pad
  • Control panel with 9.2 inch colour touch screen
  • PLC Inverter unit to adjust capacity and allow automatic pressure control
  • Drying and flash-off cycles with customizable programs
  • Unique eco-mode functions –saving £1000’s on gas and electricity
  • automatic standby function for energy savings
  • filter saturation monitoring
  • Remote assistance contracts
  • Date remoting on external unit as option
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