// Lab Testing Facility

At RSC we offer a range of lab testing services, including:

  • Chemical titration
  • Atomic Absorption spectrometry testing
  • Coating weight/mass testing
  • Salt spray testing

Chemical Titration

Being conducted in house allows us to tighten our controls with the solutions and react to any discrepancies occurred immediately, develop trends and predict the performance of a solution. This allows us to improve our product output with maintaining conformity throughout the processes, so we can now maintain constant concentration parameters within our chemical solutions.

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Testing

Atomic Absorption spectrometry testing is mainly used to test the dyes we use during our sulphuric anodise process, which has allowed us to maintain a consistent colour with all product produced. Since conducting this test in-house on a regular basis we have seen a vast improvement with the product we can produce, we can react immediately to any issues that occur and instantly rectify these issues with confidence.

Atomic Absorption spectrometry is conducted using a ‘spectrophotometer’ which determines the concentration of a dye solution by firing a beam of light through a curvette and compared against a reference solution, this is conducted through the translucency of the solution itself.

Coating weight/mass testing

Coating weight/mass testing is used to determine how much of the coating has adhered to the substrate after processing. This process is conducted using an ‘analytical balance’ which we take measurements as minuscule as 0.1mg. Having this as an addition to the other controls we currently have in place has allowed us to conduct experiments with different types of coatings to determine how much coating is applied in what time frame, this allows us to decipher which coating will offer the best performance for our customers and ensure we are conforming in all aspects.

Laboratory personnel qualifications:

  • AS9100 Rev D auditing
  • IMF foundation course
  • IMF Principles of electroplating
  • IMF Electroplating practices
  • IMF Materials science
  • IMF Technicians certificate
  • Member of the institute of materials finishing
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